Citizens to Keep Crescent City Safe and Strong is a grassroots committee of local volunteers working together to pass Measure S and the CFPD Benefit Assessment.
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Measure S will protect our quality of life and keep Crescent City safe and strong, specifically:
  • Maintain 911 emergency response times

  • Repair potholes, resurface city streets and install and repair sidewalks 

  • Increase fire and police department staff, volunteer training and life-saving equipment

  • Sustain our community pool to provide wellness and safety services to youth and our community 

  • Provide disaster and public health emergency preparedness

CFPD Benefit Assessment will maintain emergency response services to our community, specifically:
  • Develop a 24-hour volunteer staffing program at each fire station, enabling volunteer personal to respond quicker to fire and emergency rescue calls

  • Hire 3 fire captains to maintain the quality of local fire protection and emergency services

  • Provide ongoing training to volunteer firefighters and emergency response personnel

  • Repair, update or replace outdated fire engines and lifesaving emergency and rescue equipment