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Vote YES on CFPD Benefit Assessment to maintain emergency response services!
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Vote YES on CFPD Benefit Assessment to Maintain Emergency Response Services:
  • Develop a 24-hour volunteer staffing program at each fire station, enabling volunteer personal to respond quicker to fire and emergency rescue calls

  • Hire 3 fire captains to maintain the quality of local fire protection and emergency services

  • Provide ongoing training to volunteer firefighters and emergency response personnel

  • Repair, update or replace outdated fire engines and lifesaving emergency and rescue equipment

Vote YES on CFPD Benefit Assessment:
Local Funds for Volunteer Fire Department
  • All funds from the benefit assessment will be controlled locally for fire protection and emergency response services, and cannot be taken away by the State or Del Norte County

  • A seven-member oversight committee will review expenditure annually and provide a public report to the community

The Crescent Fire Protection District (CFPD) was formed in 1949 to serve the growing emergency service needs of unincorporated areas surrounding Crescent City. The District responds from 5 fire stations and provides services to a 26 square mile area, containing approximately 13,000 residents. Volunteer local firefighters maintain our safety and quality of life by responding to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Increased demand and budget cuts threaten public safety in our community! Over the past five years, calls for emergency services and response has risen nearly 25% from an average of 1,500 calls to over 2,000 today.


Vote YES to provide essential supplies, personal protective equipment, apparatus and equipment maintenance, and training to support the volunteer firefighters who respond to emergencies in our community.


Without this assessment, CFPD will not be able to maintain the current level of fire protection and emergency response services we expect.

Join public safety leaders, businesses and neighbors in voting Yes on the CFPD Assessment to keep Crescent City and surrounding community safe and strong!
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