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Vote YES on Measure S to maintain and improve emergency response times, repair local city streets and sidewalks, protect our quality of life and keep Crescent City safe and strong.
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Vote YES on S:
  • 911 emergency response times

  • Repair potholes, resurface city streets and install and repair sidewalks 

  • Increase fire and police department staff, volunteer training and life-saving equipment

  • Sustain our community pool to provide wellness and safety services to youth and our community 

  • Provide disaster and public health emergency preparedness

Vote Yes on S:
Keep Every Penny in Crescent City:
  • All funds must support Crescent City services – the state cannot touch Measure S

  • Independent citizen oversight and annual reports are required

  • Essentials like groceries and prescription medicine are exempt

  • Measure S ensures out-of-town visitors will pay their share for necessary public safety and essential services when they visit our city.

You can be sure that 100% of Measure S funds will stay here in Crescent City and cannot be touched by the State. Currently, nearly all local sales tax revenue goes to the State. Measure S will keep more of our local sales tax funds here, dedicated to local essential community services.


Our volunteer fire department is the heart of our community. Calls for fire and medical emergencies, however, continue to increase.


“When you have an emergency, you need help fast. Measure S ensures that we can support our volunteer fire department and hire and train the personnel we need to respond quickly to those emergencies,” Chief Bill Gillespie. 


Measure S will also help make necessary repairs to streets and sidewalks — repairs that will only get more expensive if we don’t address them now.

Join public safety leaders, businesses and neighbors in voting Yes on S to keep Crescent City safe and strong!
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