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Crescent City Chamber of Commerce

Crescent City Police Officers Association

Del Norte County Democratic Party

Del Norte County Republican Party

Volunteer Fire Department Association


Elected Officials

Ray Altman, Crescent City Planning Commission

Jim Erler, Crescent Fire Protection Board **

Alex Fallman, Crescent City Councilmember

Jason Greenough, Crescent City Councilmember

Blake Inscore, Crescent City Mayor

Rick Kelly, Crescent Fire Protection Board

Heidi Kime, Crescent City Mayor Pro Tem & Local Business Owner

Dave Short, Crescent FIre Protection Board

Ray Walp, Crescent City Planning Commission

John Wendt, Crescent City Planning Commission

Isaiah Wright, Crescent City Councilmember


Community Leaders and Supporters

Frank and Jeanie Allard

Cheryl Anderson

Sharon Anderson Johnson

Tyler Balch, Crescent City Police Officer

Becky Barlow, Volunteer Firefighter

William Barlow, Volunteer Firefighter

Laura Benson

Danny and Star Blackburn

Aaron Blundell, Volunteer Firefighter

Matthew Blundell, MD

Roger Bodenstab

Robert and Haley Bohannon

Diana Borges

Jason Borges, Volunteer Firefighter

Michelle Bowerman

Dan Brattain

Patricia Brunsing

Chris Butz, Volunteer Firefighter

Justin Campanoli, Volunteer Firefighter

Jerry Cardenas, Volunteer Firefighter

Annette Carlsen, Volunteer Firefighter

James Cipolla

Diana Clark

Bill Cochran

Christina Congdon

Jim & Sheila Coop

Jonathon Cooper, Peace Officer

Rod and Tami Coulson

Jeremiah Covington, Volunteer Firefighter

Pete and Brenda Craig

Karen Davis

Drew Davis, Volunteer Firefighter

Carolyn Dikes

Vanessa Duncan

Doug Dye

Samuel Escobar

Tony and Dawn Fabricious

Rae Fearing

Matt Fearing, Northridge Electric

Ginger and Rick Finley

Leigh Freneau

Billie Kay Gavin-Tygart, Six Degrees of Celebration

Justin Gill, Crescent City Police Officer

Bill  Gillespie, Fire Chief, Crescent City Fire and Rescue

Jan Gillespie

Connie Gilman

Angela Greenough

Joe Gregorio, Volunteer Firefighter

Richard Griffin, Crescent City Police Chief

Fayth Gonzales, Volunteer Firefighter

Don and Kathy Hartley

Kevin and Gayle Hartwick

Kevin Hawkins, Alder Point Real Estate

Gerry and LuAnn Hemmingsen

Kevin Hendrick, Chair, Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee

Adam Higgins, Volunteer Firefighter

Rick Hiser

Heather Holt

Robyn Holt

Tim Hoone

Randy and Claudia Hooper

Debbie Horner

Greg Hulbert

Dan and Sarah Kendrick

Skeeter Lee

Yeng Lo, Crescent City Police Officer

Debi and Don Long

Anthony Lopez, Crescent City Police Officer

Dennis and Pam Louy

Frank and Paula Magarino

Connie Maxwell

Jon Maxwell, Volunteer Firefighter

Carol Mathews

Barrett and Tara McClaflin

Lisa McKeown, State Farm Insurance

Robert Mena, Volunteer Firefighter

Ethan Miller, Crescent City Police Officer

Melodee Mitchell

Kevin Moerke

Steve Morris

Alex Moseley, Volunteer Firefighter

Lisa Mouna

Alisa Occhionero, Volunteer Firefighter

Jennifer Owen, Crescent City Police Sargeant

Gabriel Pamplona

Robyn Patch

Alex Pearson, Crescent City Police Officer

Susan Peepe

Doug Plack, Retired Crescent City Chief of Police

Sharon Plack

Dr. Tom and Christina Polidore

Ana and Tim Potter

Susan Presba Morris

Lyz Reagan

Dana Reno, Volunteer Firefighter

Noya Reno

Susan Roberts

Ray Rook, Volunteer Firefighter

Ryan Rook, Volunteer Firefighter

Rande Rothman

Jane and Baird Rumiano

Daniel Sanders, Crescent City Police Officer

Tim Sanderson, Volunteer Firefighter

Travis Schellabarger, Volunteer Firefighter

Kelly Schellong, Former Crescent City Mayor

Dee and Skip Seward

Darrin Short, Volunteer Firefighter

Betty and Terry Slider

Sean and Judy Smith

Bill and Stacy Stephens

Nikki Stone

Mike and Rande Sullivan

Dennis Sutton, Volunteer Firefighter

Joseph & Tammy Swiderski

Barbara Tillson

Sunny and Dennis Valero

Fred Victor, Fog Bank Clothing Company

Cindy Vosburg, Director, Crescent City Chamber of Commerce

Debra Wakefield

Doug & Tammy Wakefield

Marc & Samatha Wakefield

Matt & Deja Wakefield

Robert and Jennifer Wakefield

Ryan & Katie Wakefield

Sybil Wakefield

Curt Watkins

Holly Wendt

Matthew and Leah Westbrook

Gary & Lark Weston

Amber Wier

Chere Wier

Eric Wier, City Manager, Crescent City

Richard Wier, Assistant Fire Chief, Volunteer

Annie Williams

Kathy Williams

Jacqueline Wilson

Kevin & Cathleen Woodward

Chris & Ruth York

Michael and Marlene Young

Mike Zeck

Michael Zingg


Partial List. Titles are for identification purposes only.

*Endorses Measure S only

**Endorses CFPD Assessment only