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Why is Measure S needed?

Over the past decade, the City’s revenues have not kept pace with the growing costs of providing services to local residents, and the recent COVID-19 crisis has only exacerbated these economic challenges. Despite being fiscally conservative and proactively cutting costs, the City is projecting a deficit of over $500,000, putting many city services at risk.

Our volunteer fire department is the heart of our community. Crescent City Fire and Rescue, serving our 3 City fire stations, provide critical fire protection and emergency medical response services to our city. However, over the past 5 years, calls for 911 emergency response have risen 35%, with over 63% of those for medical emergencies, with little or no additional staff and limited resources. We know how dedicated our local firefighters are, putting their lives at risk when we need them most. It is clear Crescent City Fire and Rescue cannot maintain the current level of service to protect us, our families and our property without additional funding to support, equip and train our volunteers.

The growing need for ongoing maintenance to our 400+ blocks of city streets and sidewalks has developed due to decades of hard coast-side weather and requires significant investment for noticeable and sustainable improvements. With minimal funds available from the state or county to help, the current ongoing maintenance is beyond current available resources.

That’s why the City Council unanimously voted to place Measure S on the November 3, 2020 ballot. Measure S provides locally controlled revenue entirely dedicated to essential fire and city services here in Crescent City.

How would Measure S help local residents and our community?

Measure S would generate the critically needed funding to help fund Crescent Fire and Rescue and support many important city services.

Passage of Measure S will:

  • Maintain 911 emergency response times
  • Repair potholes, resurface city streets and install and repair sidewalks
  • Increase fire and police department staff, volunteer training and life-saving equipment
  • Sustain our community pool to provide wellness and safety services to youth and our community
  • Provide disaster and public health emergency preparedness

How can I be certain that all funds will be spent as promised?

You can be sure that 100% of Measure S funds will stay here in Crescent City and cannot be touched by the State. Currently, nearly all local sales tax revenue goes to the State. Measure S will keep more of our local sales tax funds here, dedicated to local essential community services.

  • All funds must support Crescent City services – neither the state nor Del Norte County can touch Measure S
  • Independent citizen oversight and annual reports are required
  • Essentials like groceries and prescription medicine are exempt
  • Measure S ensures out-of-town visitors will pay their share for necessary public safety and essential services when they visit our city

How will Measure S protect public safety?

When you have an emergency, you need help fast. Without Measure S, CCFR will have to stop responding to medical emergency calls to ensure they are available for fire protection and suppression. Passing Measure S allows us to help the District hire 3 fire captains and ensures that we can support our volunteer fire department to hire and train the personnel needed to respond quickly to those emergencies.

Will voting Yes Measure S keep our City Pool open?

Yes, Measure S will allow us to keep the City Pool open when it is safe to do so. The City Pool provides immense value to the Crescent City community by offering recreational, wellness and fitness, instructional and competitive aquatic opportunities. In addition, each year students in the 4th grade benefit from swimming lessons provided at the pool to help keep them safe and healthy. While the pool has been closed due to the pandemic, without Measure S it will remain closed until another form of additional funding is available to support its operation.

How will Measure S support our city streets and sidewalks projects?

The growing need for ongoing maintenance to our 400+ blocks of city streets and sidewalks has developed due to decades of hard coast-side weather and requires significant investment for noticeable and sustainable improvements. Measure S will help make necessary repairs to streets and sidewalks — repairs that will only get more expensive if we don’t address them now.

Can the State or County cut or take Measure S funds?

No. Legally, every penny of Measure S must stay in Crescent City to support essential city services. Nothing can be taken or redirected by the State or the County.

Does Measure S ensure that Crescent City visitors pay their fair share?

Yes. Measure S is not a property tax and visitors will pay a portion when they shop or visit in Crescent City, ensuring that local residents do not share the entire burden.

How much does Measure S cost?

Measure S is a one-cent sales tax. If approved, it would only add ten cents to a $10 purchase – a small price to pay to generate $1.3 million annually in locally controlled funding to protect our valued city services. Essential items such as food and prescription medicine would be excluded from the sales tax.

How long would the measure last?

The measure would last until ended by voters.

What level of support would Measure S need to pass?

Measure S would need a majority vote (50% + 1) in order to pass.

Who is eligible to vote on Measure S?

All registered voters living in the City of Crescent City would be eligible to vote Measure S.

How can I register to vote or learn more about voting?

The deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday, October 19, 2020. You can register to vote at www.registertovote.ca.gov.